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NAMI Lowcountry Recovery Council

The NAMI Lowcountry Recovery Council's mission is to improve the quality of life for those of us living with a  mental illness, as well as for our family and friends. We do this through education, advocacy, and service. Our membership is open to those of us living with a mental illness, family members, professionals and those interested in improving mental health services in the Lowcountry.


The responsibilities of NAMI PLC representatives include the following:

Serving as the voice of peers to state boards


Leading affiliate peers in identifying peer concerns within affiliates and addressing those concerns at the community and state levels


Communicating state and community-level peer concerns to the national council for discussion and resolution

Engaging in and monitoring the development of new peer services and relaying information about those services to the National Council


Participating in peer-related activities within their respective communities and states and at the national level, furthering the objectives of the peer movement


Submitting findings and recommendations to the state

Council Purpose

NAMI PLC advances the activities and involvement of the peer membership of NAMI at local, state, and national levels by participating in advocacy issues and program development.


These objectives are achieved by the following:

  • Supporting the mission of NAMI

  • Preserving the respect, dignity, and human rights of mental health consumers (peers)

  • Advising the NAMI Board of Directors on the perspectives of their peer members

  • Communicating the mission of NAMI through participation in the nationwide peer recovery movement

  • Empowering and educating mental health consumers to address issues around care, treatment, services, mutual support, and consumer rights

Let’s Work Together

I am intersted in the NAMI Lowcountry Recovery Council, click here to learn more!

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