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Susan Horn

Susan Horn joined the NAMI Lowcountry Board of Directors as an experienced Account Executive, Business Owner and Trainer at River’s Edge Farm and a United States Federation “R” Judge. Susan holds a B.S. in Human Resources and Nonprofit Management from Georgia State University in Atlanta GA. Her extensive knowledge in best business practices and community marketing and engagement has been a major asset to the organization.

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My Story

Susan and her husband Ray relocated to the Lowcountry area 10 years ago. She has been an active volunteer and advocate for mental health initiatives in the community. Her husband’s diagnosis of Bipolar I has given Susan the knowledge base necessary to engage and provide mental health support on a personal level. Her hands-on experience in managing mental health conditions within her family has given her a wealth of knowledge which she shares with NAMI Lowcountry support groups and programs.

Susan is a trained NAMI Lowcountry Family Support Group and is a passionate mental health advocate in our Lowcountry community. Her dedication to the organization’s mission has made her an integral part of the organization’s evolving strategic planning process and organization-wide fundraising initiatives.

In her leisure time, Susan enjoys horseback riding, running, spending time with family and traveling the world.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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