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Michelle Casey

Personal Profile

Michelle joined the NAMI Lowcountry Board of Directors as a Professional Speaker and Author a successful Small Business Owner, Certified Life Coach and Real Estate Professional. She served as board president until being hired as Executive Director.

Michelle graduated from Wilsthorpe Business and Enterprise College in the United Kingdom and received her certification from the Life Coach Institute of Orange County. She wrote and published her first book called Your Hairy Godmother in 2015.

Michelle’s diverse professional background and knowledge coupled with her passion for mental health has supported NAMI Lowcountry’s growth in the community. Michelle brings numerous years of marketing and public relations experience to the organization. And her deep understanding of the organization’s mission is rooted in her personal experiences with mental health conditions within the family unit and throughout her professional career.


Michelle is a Family-to-Family facilitator.


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‭(843) 301-1964‬

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